So You Want To Hire A Photographer

So you want to hire a photographer. You’re getting married, expecting a new baby, interested in a family portrait, or whatever the case may be. How do you choose the right one;? Is it their personality, their equipment, their price, or their work.? In some extreme cases it should be all of the above, especially if you’re shopping on Craigslist. Now I’m not saying you wouldn't find a needle in the hay stack, per say se, from Craigslist, but If if someone is advertising to do a shoot for $45, make sure there they’re not using a cell phone!.

When we meet initially with our clients, it’s a meet and greet,.  We want to get to know our potential client without the business stuff getting in the way. We want to know your story, why at this moment you are looking for a photographer. This provides the foundation for telling your story through our photography. This meeting also provides both parties the opportunity to see if they would be a good fit based on personality. It’s important that there is a bond of which to build a relationship, off of; thus creating comfort and ease as you are being photographed.  

All of my colleagues and competitors have a camera and some sort of equipment for shooting. Do you need a photographer with $30,000 or more in equipment? No, probably not. What you do need though is a professional that knows how to use the equipment and compose a shot. A photographer can have all the lenses, top cameras, etc. but if they can’t compose or use the equipment you will see it in their work. It is very easy to look through galleries of potential photographers and find one that meets your needs. 

Everyone has a budget when they are seeking out their photographer, and I assure you that there is a photographer out there for every budget;, so after our initial meeting I encourage our potential clients to look around at other photographers. Some might call this bad salesmanship on my part, but maybe. However I want you, the client, to be well- versed and educated on your options. I don't and I won’t sell you something you don’t need or want. I couldn't imagine any one of our clients having buyer’s remorse for going with our products or service. Compare what each photographer has to offer, and compare their prices. It seems obvious, but not all professional photographers offer the same products or even service.  

So all of these components together seem very important, but it is not necessary that they all fall  in line together to hire the most professional and competent photographer. I am sure there may be some argument on this; however, it’s important to be realistic about both your budget and your goals. You may find a photographer to have who offers  little equipment  and has a terrible personality, but takes photos and fits your budget. It wont always work perfect but make it work so that Investigating your options and understanding your expectations ahead of time will help ensure that you’re comfortable and happy with your decision choice. Photography is a great investment,: an investment in preserving history, memories, and special moments. Don't squander that investment by choosing to be foolish and choose the wrong photographer!.