Family Fun! (Minus One)

The Lehigh Valley Trail looking West

Columbus Day found us taking some family time  and enjoying a gorgeous day;...well family minus one. Our teenager went hiking with his girlfriend’s family at Lechworth State Park. Spending the day outside was an obvious choice, so we headed out to a neat little place called the Lehigh Valley OutPost. The OutPost is situated 20 minutes south of Rochester and nestled along the beautiful Lehigh Valley trail at 2500 Rush Mendon Rd. The OutPost is an operating CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture) for much of the season and then transforms into a wonderful picturesque fall harvest and family fun area in October.

The peaceful 100 acre farm offers your family the opportunity to experience the outdoors is such a way that you will want to keep coming back. We spent almost the whole day at the OutPost with the kids enjoying activities for all ages including Tricycle races… yes TRICYLES!


The OutPost offers two Corn Maizes; One for those up for a challenge and a workout and the other for those with little tykes who want to explore. Our 13 year old spent two and half hours (by himself) finding all the clues in the maize and won a free pumpkin. Mom and daughter painted pumpkins and raced ducks at the duck race game while the baby and I took photos of all the fun.

The hayride is an enjoyable 12 to 15 minute ride around the perimeter of the farm which offers a wonderful view of the changing trees to the south towards Honeoye Falls. The kids will also enjoy playing in, on and around the Giant Tire Obstacles which is located near the Tricycle races, I assure you this is a must try.

Tricycle Race 

Shooting the corn cannon 1 is before 2 is after. 

The Corn Canons are for sure the highlight for me, there is nothing like rocketing an ear of corn at a target using 150 PSI of compressed air and watching it explode on impact. Be sure and give the animals around the farm some attention, they love to be pet; Cows, goats, ducks, and chickens. Oh and an elephant, not real of course.

Feel free while you’re waiting for the hayride too grab a warm cup of apple cider, hot coffee, soda or water and grab a snack or a bite to eat. It’s not always guaranteed but farmer Kyle usually has some wonderful fresh butternut squash hot and ready to eat; topped with melted butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

The farm is for the most part easily traversed with a stroller; parts of the maize may not be ideal for them but are manageable. Grab your pumpkins and gourds before you leave nothing over $10 and be sure to peruse the fresh produce as well.


Even on the busiest days at the OutPost it’s never overwhelmingly crowded with how everything is situated and there   are never long lines and everyone working is pleasant and helpful.

So plan out some time in the next few weekends to take a trip to the Lehigh Valley OutPost and enjoy some family fun outdoors. For additional information click here Lehigh Valley Outpost INFO