Air Force Graduation

Our Story

Jason: We met in high school. I was into photography, sports and science. She was older and had a desire for the arts, drawing and painting. This young lady was talented! We were the loners: we could fit in just about anywhere, but we fit best together. I had no artistic talent to draw or paint. However, I found myself signing up for art classes just to be with her. With odds stacked against us and many friends and family members telling us we would never make it, our unrelenting love grew for each other and we married in June 1999. (I was 19 and still a senior.) We gave up everything we knew and loved to be with each other, even our families. 2015 will mark our 16-year wedding anniversary and 18 years together, and we have three remarkable kids who help us with the business.

It was in 2013 that we came up with M6 Photography. We were getting ready to launch the business, and M5 was number one on the charts for our name. Then we found out Stacy was pregnant with our fourth baby. The excitement ensued and it made much more sense to call us M6. Regrettably, soon after we would lose that little baby and 8 months later we would lose yet another baby. These losses left us grieving and deeply saddened. Nonetheless we have picked up the pieces and put them in our hearts; and in honor of our angel babies and in hopes of one day conceiving again we kept the name M6 Photography.    



Stacy: Photography for Jason and me is much more than picking up our cameras and taking photographs; we become a part of our client’s lives and get to know them on an intimate level. We permit ourselves to become part of their story, allowing us to capture the purest, most emotional moments while we shoot.  Seizing those fleeting moments allows us the opportunity to use our photography to retell your story. Our photographs will instantaneously transport you back to that exact moment, overflowing your mind with memories. We would enjoy the opportunity to become a part of your story and be inspired to tell it through our photographs. 

Jason & Stacy Marsh