Each participant agrees that upon pressing the submit button, M6 Photography shall have the right, without compensation, to publicize through Web, Social Media and email his or her name, voice, likeness, story, video, photograph and the fact that he or she is a participant in the project. Participants further agree that M6 PHOTOGRAPHY may use such identifying information to publicize its business, website and/or other projects. Participants are responsible for the payment of any and all books applicable to their portion of the project.

Participants agree to release and hold harmless M6 PHOTOGRAPHY and its sponsors and affiliates, officers, agents and employees, from any and all damages, liabilities or claims for injury or damage of any kind that might arise in connection with, this project, a photo shoot, meeting or gathering. M6 PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to condition the final price on the execution of a legally enforceable release of claims and indemnity agreement.

M6 PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to reject any submission that they feel does not meet the criteria for the project.